I’m Michelle Baumgartner, a freelance content writer and education blogger.

If you have content begging to be written—but no time to do it—I’m here to help.

If your blog got off to a great start, but hasn’t been updated for months, I can get it rolling again with regularly-scheduled, dynamic posts.

Whatever your content needs, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line at michelle@stellawriting.com.

Here are some of the many ways I can help your business:

✴ Content Writing
✴ Blogging
✴ Writing Press Releases

My writing specialties include:

✴ ADHD Parenting
✴ Language Learning 

Other education topics I’ve written about are:

✴ College Admissions
✴ Community Colleges
✴ Online Learning
✴ Teacher Certification
✴ History & Culture

Hire me to get content that’s custom-made for your company.

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My Clients are Saying…

"...the engagement and followers are up. That is all due to you."

Michelle – you’ve done a yeoman’s job!

Your posts are great and the engagement and followers are up. That is all due to you.

— Barbara Beard [Director of Operations, Envision Therapeutic Horsemanship Inc / Phoenix, Arizona]

"...thorough and effective.”

The article takes a holistic approach to the title, and I think it works well. The content addresses the title from different angles in a manner that is thorough and effective.

— Lance Griffin [Article Reviewer, Study.com / Mountain View, California]


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